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Ladies workouts communities in Eindhoven and Valkenswaard

Supportive Environment

I understand the unique challenges that women face when it comes to fitness and aim to provide a safe and inclusive space where they can work towards their goals with confidence.

Expat friendly

We’ve successfully been running Bootcamps for Expat Ladies for many years now, making us the most international fitness group in the Eindhoven area.


Choose from multiple workouts during the week or on Sundays. Can’t join us live? No problem! You can join virtually via Zoom, or I can record the session upon your request.

Ladies Bootcamps

Whether it’s for overall health and wellness, to look and feel great, or just to have fun, group strength training is a great way to reach our goals together.Join us for high-energy “female zones” targeting workouts in an empowering atmosphere where you’ll sweat, laugh, and push yourself to new heights.


Once a week €45 per month

Combo deal unlimited €60 per month

Our Ladies Bootcamps located in a picturesque spot in Eindhoven and tailored to cover all groups of muscles, keeping workouts fresh and effective.


Once a week €45 per month

Combo deal unlimited €60 per month

Our Valkenswaard location, set in a private studio with a stunning garden view. Experience the serenity of nature while sculpting your body with our dynamic workouts tailored for all fitness levels.

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