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Personal training available in Eindhoven, Valkenswaard, and at a location convenient for you.

Welcome to Spirit Personal Training!

Meet Oksana, your future trainer and your biggest cheerleader on your fitness journey. SpiritPT isn’t just a gym – it’s a supportive community where we’re all in this together. My mission is to empower you to feel confident, strong, and healthy every step of the way.


With personalized action plans crafted just for you, success isn’t just a dream – it’s within reach. I’ll be there with you, keeping you accountable and motivated through every workout, because consistency is the key to smashing your goals.

At SpiritPT, we mix it up with a variety of sports styles and exercises, so there’s always something to challenge and inspire you. Plus, our training sessions are super flexible – whether you want to sweat it out at home or enjoy the sunshine outdoors, I’ll meet you wherever you feel most comfortable.


Ready to start your journey to a stronger, healthier you? Let’s do this together with Spirit PT! 

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