Personal Training

The most effective way to achieve your goals is a 1 on 1 program. Every minute of your time is tailored to you, your goals and your results. We start with an intake where we check your starting point. Your personal situation, any medical restrictions, and your preferences. Based on this information, we draw up a program containing the discussed goals, the exercises and the frequency. Based on this, we will execute the plan and keep track of progress together. For this we can use apps in which you record your nutrition, with which you record your exercises and measure your heart rate. Based on the results, we adjust the exercises periodically.

The frequency of 1 on 1 sessions is determined between us. The most common is once or twice session per week, but biweekly or monthly is also possible. The following prices apply for the 1 on 1 sessions (incl. VAT):

Packages: Extensive Price
Price per session: PT session (50 min)
Progression measurements
Meal Plan
€ 49.50

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