I want to build muscle

Through power training you become stronger and your posture improves. We all have our challenges:

• For example, if you spend a lot of time at work, you will notice that your back is more likely to bother you. Good exercises to strengthen your back will help you get through your day. More muscle mass burns more fat throughout the day, improves vitality and improves your confidence.

• After a (few) delivery(ies) and all the associated challenges, you want to get back in shape. In addition to losing weight, you may want to tackle those annoying problem areas such as buttocks, abdomen, (lower) arms or hips/thighs.

• You have just been through a physiotherapist to recover from a nasty injury, and you need to further strengthen your muscles.

• You are already doing strength training, but you are not making the desired progress.

By individual implementation of a program, you can achieve the above goals, or completely different ones, more easily. We help you set up the program, but more importantly, follow it! Who doesn't know the New Year's resolutions? We all run into the gym in January, after which our intentions slowly melt away after a month.

Spirit PT ensures that you do not get the chance to give up so fast in a fun, motivating way!