Girls Only

If, for whatever reason, you only want to train with women, you can of course also contact us. Do you already have a group with which you want to exercise, fine! If not, we try to put you in a group that suits you. It is advisable to keep the group under 8 people in order to continue working efficiently.

As with any program, we start with a personal intake where we go through your starting situations. Your personal situation, any medical restrictions, and your preferences. Based on this information, we set up a program that works for everyone, in which we try to combine the discussed goals. In the girls only sessions we try to do exercises that tackle the known problem areas such as buttocks, abdomen, (lower) arms or hips / thighs. Based on the results, we adjust the exercises periodically.

The Girls Only sessions take place 5 times a week. Within the Girls Only trainings unlimited participation is included. The following prices apply for the girls only sessions per person (incl. VAT).

Package based on 5 sessions per week: monthly subscription € 60,00
(to be used for 2 months) single session € 12,00

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