About us

Spirit PT was founded by Oksana Karkhut from her drive to help people become more vital. After years of working as a personal trainer for different gyms with fixed concepts and structures, Oksana decided it was time to do things differently. Now she is NASM certified. The everyday challenges that keep everyone from walking into the gym are nothing new to her. A busy job, a busy family life or an old injury always offers us a good reason not to work on our health. A good trainer, who knows how to create a suitable action plan for everyone and who continues to implement it consistently, is the key to success. What SpiritPT offers you is a varied program in which different sports styles and exercises are combined. Whether you like circuit training, boot camps, yoga or kick boxing, alone or in a group, we know how to come up with a suitable solution for everything. Of course trainings can take place in Dutch or in English! The necessary nutritional advice is also included in the picture. Everything with your goals in mind! Our training courses can take place at various locations. If you have the opportunity to exercise at home, we will come to you. If you want to exercise outside, we do that.